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Gaming Solutions International has the expertise and experience to assist you in all of the major areas of the "new" lottery business.

We Can help in existing operations, we can provide you with the personnel, expertise and world class training programs to assist you to fully modernize the operation, train existing and seasoned personnel or launch specific new products and to assist to introduce new and cutting edge products such as the introduction of gaming machines in new States and jusrisdictions.

All of our services are aimed at maximizing revenues for your market!

Game development and design. Full game design services including marketing and sales support for the games. once produced 

Full menu of training programs Television Game Shows Content and technology for Second chance drawings, complete games and optimize distribution as well as validation via state of the art telecommunication systems

We offer you programs and benefits of almost 20 years of experience and expertise in designing and implementing some of the worlds finest lottery games, television shows, training programs and other skills needed to successfully market your entire product range and keep your people trained and motivated!


In December of 1996, GSI utilized it's gaming expertise to devise content and programs to assist in building the state of the art GSM digital cellular system for one of the largest network operators in South Africa. The combination of in-depth understanding of gaming as well as the technical capabilities of the wireless platform resulted in GSI launching and operating a company in South Africa dedicated to these activities, which became successful in all aspects from day one of its inception and continues now 10 years later. This technology is widely used around the world and only now being launched in the USA market.   GSI boasts over 10 years of experience in this business and has now taken its programs and ideas into the market internationally for the benefit of its customers. GSI has specifically developed and real time tested for the lottery industry, programs to deliver state of the art games, second chance drawings and the ability to communicate to your "online" network over a wireless system.  This has also recently been expanded to incluce secure and wireless communications networks monitoring VLT, gaming machine networks in markets that do not have traditonal wire infrastructures.   


In the case of GSI's offerings, these are not theory, they have been developed, implemented and in operation for the past 7 years!







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