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Since 1983 Gaming Solutions International (GSI) has been providing specific skills, expertise and services to the gaming industry worldwide with a single-minded focus, to make you, the client, as successful as possible. GSI around the world provides services, which fill an important gap in the explosive gaming industry. In the example of a new national lottery, typically to that specific jurisdiction it is a new business to the extent that no national lottery operation ever existed before. This means building an operation in as few as 90 days that typically goes from zero turnover to multimillions in turnover from week one after start up! GSI can provide from an individual to a team of seasoned professionals in the very most important areas of starting up and on going development of a gaming operation such as marketing, security, technology, finance and the overall direction of the soon to be new operation. The professionals in each of these areas assist to identify and employ an individual in that particular country, state or jurisdiction to train throughout the intensive start up of the operation and to continue functioning as the head of that area once the start up team has left the project. This provides a genuine "transfer of skill and expertise" specific to the industry in that particular jurisdiction for the ongoing operation truly operated by local individuals with international expertise insofar as gaming.

Gaming Solutions International also has over 10 years of hands on expertise in the exploding wireless telecommunications and gaming machine areas of the lottey industry!  GSI was instrumental in the launch of wireless games in South Africa in the mid-nineties and has been involved in the convergence of slot machines (VLT's) and state lottery operations since relocating to Las Vegas in 2000.

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